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How to scan biometrics


Make sure the face is clean.

  • If sand, dirt, or other debris is on the face, wipe it off
  • If the nose is wet, blow it dry
  • If the nose is covered in fur, brush it out

Scan front of your dog’s face.

  • Make sure the dog’s face is facing the camera to capture the nose print from the front

Make sure to scan in a bright light.

  • A daytime outdoor setting or a room with plenty of light is preferred
  • Avoid direct sunlight or strong lighting such as pin lights

Slowly move back and forth at a set distance.

  • Keep the distance between the dog’s nose and the phone between 10-20cm (4-8 inches), moving slowly back and forth

Tilt your phone as your dog’s face moves.

  • Orient your phone vertically if your dog is sitting upright, and horizontally if they’re lying down

Selfie-mode scans are now available!

  • Steadily scan your dog with selfie mode while holding them in your arms or sitting alongside them

Press and hold the sound button while scanning.

  • Dog’s favorite sounds help scan the nose by drawing attention towards the camera

Try scanning while the dog's asleep.

  • If your dog’s nose is facing front in bright surroundings, you can easily take a nose print while asleep