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Petnow provides AI-driven pet biometric identification.

Build a better world to live with pets through petnow nose print registration

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Automated extraction technology of pets biometric information

Open petnow app and place your camera in front of your pet. AI will automatically extract the face and nose print data.

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Automated tracking AI

Petnow's object detection technology enables automatic scanning focusing on the pet's face, even when the pet moves.

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Encryption security

The scanned information is stored encrypted Information stored on petnow is kept secure.

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Highly utilized Biometric ID services

Whenever you need to verify your pet's identity, you can use petnow's biometric identification service

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Accurate and expedite petnow AI

Every single proces will be done accurate and expedite with petnow AI

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Vision of petnow

Petnow aims at a world without lost or abandoned pets through easy and simple biometric registration

Making the world a happier place for pets with AI

Petnow is here for you!

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