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Get an extra layer of love & care for your forever family, brought to you by Petnow.

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* There are device limitations to scanning accurate biometrics based on the capabilities of the onboard camera.
IOS : Available on iOS 15 or later, iPhone XS or newer
Android : Android 10 or later, Galaxy S10 or newer (including limited models of A series)

What is Pet Biometrics?

사람은 지문

As humans have fingerprints, every dog has its own unique nose print.

강아지는 비문 인식
고양이는 얼굴 인식

Cats have nose prints too, but their noses are so small to be detected, so we broaden up to the whole face!

Biometrics for Pets: What's Possible and Why?

정확한 실종신고

Accurate Missing Pet Reports

Map-based missing pet alerts people nearby immediately after a report

병원비 할인

Discounted Vet Bills (KR Only)

Noseprint-based pet insurance & Petnow Membership to help reduce vet bills

안전한 동물등록

Pet Registration as Extra Protection

From free pet registration to external chips, extra layers of protection for your comfort, at home with ease

International Acclaims for Petnow's Pet Biometrics Technology


Winner of iF Design Award 2024 in 'Communication & Branding' category



Selected for Google for Startups Accelerator(GFSA) Program



Runner-up of the SuperZoo New Product Showcase Awards 2023 in 'Accessories and Gifts' category



Honoree of Best of Innovation for CES 2022 Innovation Awards in 'Software & Mobile Apps' category



BBC feature: 'Lost dog? How nose prints could help pet and owner reunite'



Selected for Samsung Electronics startup acceleration program 'C-Lab Outside'


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