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How does pet biometric scan work?

Just like human fingerprints, pets have thier unique biometric information Simply point the Petnow AI camera at your pet's face! Petnow will automatically scan and register your pet


As humans have fingerprints, every dog has its own unique nose print

Petnow's AI will automatically capture your pet's biometric information while you scan your pet's face

Biometrics for Pets: What's Possible and Why?

iconAccurate Missing Pet Reports

Map-based missing pet alerts people nearby immediately after a report

missing pet report

You can see missing pets near you in real-time

missing pet report
iconDiscounted Vet Bills (KR Only)

Noseprint-based pet insurance & Petnow Membership to help reduce vet bills

reduce vet bills (KR only)

If you purchase insurance through the Petnow app, we'll cover the cost of $70 worth of blood work

reduce vet bills (KR only)
iconPet Registration as Extra Protection (KR Only)

From national pet registry to external chips, all from home

pet registry


International Acclaims for Petnow's PetBiometrics Technology

CESSuperzooiF Design AwardsInterzooGoogle for Startups AcceleratorMyGlobalVillageBBCSamsung C-Lab Outside


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